E-news: Parental origin of X chromosome and aortic stiffness in Turner syndrome

Women with Turner syndrome can suffer from increased aortic abnormalities, meaning they are at higher risk of cardiovascular complications that can contribute to higher morbidity and mortality rates. 

Abd-Elmoniem et al set out to examine whether there was a relationship between the parental origin of the X chromosome and the aortic stiffness in these patients.

The group conducted a cross-sectional study on 24 patients with Turner syndrome.

Patients whose X chromosome was inherited from their mother had significantly stiffer aortas compared with those whose chromosome had a paternal origin.

This the first study to suggest that aortic stiffness in women with Turner syndrome may be due to the origin of their X chromosome.  

Parental chromosomal analysis and aortic stiffness measurements may be useful in the risk assessment and clinical management of Turner syndrome patients.